Lead All Investments Limited is a new company incorporated under the laws of Cayman. Company’s main country of operation is Malaysia. The Company has been established for the purpose of identifying and acquiring or investing in, and disposing of investments in business focusing on the use of multiple distribution strategies for the distribution of their goods and services. The Directors will focus on businesses using e-commerce, online shopping, direct selling and other related IT sectors, to achieve growth and create shareholder value. The Directors believe there is good potential for growth amongst these "Multi Level Marketing" (MLM) type companies, especially in the...

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Our business Our business

The Directors believe that market conditions over recent years have proven difficult for certain businesses operating in the MLM Sector and that an opportunity now exists for acquiring and/or investing in such busin...Read>>

MLM Industry MLM Industry

Description of the MLM market Around the world, direct selling is a growing channel of retail distribution for 'low ticket' consumer goods; particularly personal products, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and ...Read>>